“Everyone has the right to #FairPay. The taboo on salary is blocking the transparency needed to achieve a fair, unbiased compensation. Money should not be your main motivation, but you should be both satisfied and confident that your paycheck is in line with the added value you bring to work every day. SalaryBar is a not-for-profit initiative, aiming to achieve #FairPay for all” Joost d’Hooghe founder of the SalaryBar 

I was a founder and investor in “ambitie.com” a recruitment company. Out of the recruitment company the idea for SalaryBar was born. We noticed that candidates have difficulties understanding their value, and the fair compensation they should negotiate. There are a number of existing services which provide salary benchmarks; LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Salary.com … but all of these use only a few datapoints, mostly the current function and graduation year, resulting in 75% accuracy. Their goal is to attract site visitors and sell advertisement, so they are not here to serve the professionals, but themselves or the employers paying them.

In the last 6 months >3000 people from all over the world used SalaryBar to get an accurate #FairPay salary estimate. This is a free, not-for-profit service, but also >100 people donated a few Euros to get the detailed certificate and to pay for the team supporting the mission. SalaryBar friends share that they love the transparency, and the way to chat with someone about their compensation. Everytime we get a real datapoint we feed it back into the system. We are now 3% off on average, and use 23 data points from existing LinkedIn profiles.

SalaryBar is taking off, I am humbled and happy with the impact we are making, and can only ask you to keep sharing the service with people in your network.

Note, you can contact Sam Salary (our “fearless girl”, the account the team uses to connect with you for any help on salary, jobs, meeting similar members,….

#FairPay for all, Joost

“Your approach is very robust and takes into account important factors that contribute to increase the value of the employees- not always regarded adequately-. Happy to have contributed to this project.” anonymous SalaryBar member, Global Supply Chain Director in Switzerland