Three years ago we started with an idea to develop the most accurate, unbiased #salary algorithm on the planet.

We founded the SalaryBar with only one goal, to achieve #FairPay for all. This week for the first time TU Delft graduates confirmed that women and men now receive equal pay.

Thanks everyone for the hard work, and thanks all friends of the SalaryBar for the donations and feedback. We are now reaching a 96% accuracy, using 23 datapoints from LinkedIn profiles, all except #gender, #race, #age and #religion. Barbara Monahan, Gerard Salvador López, Maria Jose Vargas Coello, Eva Vidal Garcia, Victoria Ballesta Ferrer, Jara Pascual, Antonella Vagliente, Henrike von Platen, Mille Gjerulff Nicolaysen and everyone else!

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